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We had the pleasure to work with Katie and Katy. Their vision was up-to-date and sharp. We had already moved away, and their team took care of everything to get our old house ready to sell. We thought the process would be stressful, but surprisingly it was not.  We sat back and just watched our house transform into a modern house.

Ian + May


This is our second real estate transaction leveraging the expertise of Katy & Katie.  The Katy & Katie team (there are more than two of them) will partner with you to maximize your investment dollars. They are masters at sales strategy, marketing and negotiating.

John + Steve


As I write this, I’m in a dream house in a dream neighborhood that I didn’t even know existed before we started working with Katy + Katie. They understood our situation right away, helped guide us to the exact intersection of what we could afford and what we wanted, and gave us an analysis of the potential selling price that could not possibly have been more accurate. This allowed us to write a competitive offer that got us the house without feeling uncomfortable in any way about our choice. They’re the best!

 Aaron + Liz


Great and efficient, asked them to have our house ready to sell in a week and a half, we closed in a month. Absolute pleasure to work with them! Would suggest to anyone!​

Otello + Kathryn


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