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Katie (with an ie) Krembs

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I’m Katie, a Michigan Wolverine raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and co-founder of California 24. Always attracted to urban centers, I lived in both Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia before moving to the Bay Area with my Coast Guard husband, Mischa, in 2011.

My Story

In a moment of serendipity months after my arrival, I met my work wife, Katy. Within a year, I left my Montessori preschool teaching job and became a full-time agent. While building our business on a foundation of shared respect and appreciation, Katy and I learned of our opposite yet complementary strengths. I am the literal, analytical, and methodical one of the pair. Driven and dedicated, I’m here to make sure you succeed, and I’ll work as hard as it takes to get you where you want to go. After living in Oakland for 10 years, my family moved to Walnut Creek, where I enjoy being a mother to my two spirited daughters, Madison and Zoe.​ 


Together with Katy Anderson, I founded California 24, a real estate company named for the highway connecting Alameda and Contra Costa Counties– where we help clients sell and buy real estate.

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