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You're ready to rent.

We are so grateful to be considered for the job of being your Realtors. Let’s talk.

We deliver design services, project management, expert marketing, and negotiation to prepare and rent our client's property for the highest possible price. 

Preparing a home for leasing isn't rocket science, but it is time-consuming, and takes organization, experience, and, frankly, an army to do right. That's where we come in. We do the coordinating, so you don't have to.

Leave town and leave it to us! We're a small batch kind of service, taking on only a limited number of property rental clients at a given time. We believe in delivering high-quality, high-touch service to you, personally.

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Rental Preparations

We get you the ideal tenant with a terrific lease agreement who will pay you premium rent.

Before we find that perfect tenant, we will evaluate and recommend any changes to the property that might increase the interest and rental price. 

Our property rental services include:

01 /

Audit of the Property

Identify any improvements or upkeep that will add to the allure of your space.

02 /


Find nearby comparables, target the current market value for your property, and strategize rental timing.

03 /

Marketing + Meeting

Take photos and market the home online. We then field all inquiries and arrange individual showings to interested parties.

04 /

Identify Potential Tenants

Vet applicants (employment verification, credit & background checks, contact references, assess financial security.) We will then present qualified applicants for your review and discussion.

05 /

Lease Prep + Signing

Prepare California Association of Realtors lease, including all required city and state addenda. Handle lease signing, move-in inspection, property walk through, and key hand-off.

06 /

A Clean Handoff

Our final service is a fun one! We will connect you with your new tenants and provide contact information for future communications.

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Flat one-time fee.

  • 85% of one month’s rent. $5,000 Minimum.

  • If we are unable to find a tenant for you in 6 weeks, it indicates your desired rent is higher than market value. If you cannot lower your price and it's higher than the market value, we might be unable to find a tenant. In that case, we would need to charge our minimum fee of $5,000 for our completed work.

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