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Giving Back

We're very proud members of the Home for a Home community! As members of this wonderful non-profit organization, we've committed to donate a portion of every earned commission to fund the construction of a home for a family in need.

We support the belief that the security of a safe, solid home, provides hope and can be the catalyst for dramatic change in people's lives. With just one year as members under our belt, we are so proud to have already achieved building our first home, its owners are the Canas family... this experience of giving something so great is only made possible by the continued support of our clients. Thank you!

Home for a Home

The Canas Family

“We used to live in a house in bad conditions. I have one daughter now, but I would like to have more kids.


I don't want them to have the same kind of life I had, so a decent home would be something amazing for us, but especially for my kids."

Santos + Ana Canas

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