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Katy Anderson

TEAM ROLE; Marketing & Branding. Negotiations. Interior Design. Website Design. The Right-Brained One. Panelist. Innovator. 


AT HOME; Social Chair. Chef, Chauffeur, 1st Grade Room Parent. Cat-person. aka. Mom. 


I love being a real estate advisor. I have a passion for marketing, and an appreciation for houses from both an artistic and investment standpoint. I have an eye for design and enjoy a good “before and after.”

I am a millennial. Just making the cut by one year! I am fast from behind a computer although I am also an “old soul,” and I take pride in being called so. I enjoy employing tried and true real estate practices as well as testing the newest technologies.

I am hardworking, detail oriented, a straight-shooter and a problem-solver. I am silly, laugh at dirty jokes. Philosophically-- I work to live. I am a mother of 2, wife of one and recharge my battery by turning my phone off.


BACKSTORY; I have considered the East Bay my home since attending U.C. Berkeley. I now live in Upper Roockridge with my husband and two children. It is a pleasure to live and work here. My time spent as a college athlete taught me how to compete with sportsmanship, a skill that translates well to the real estate industry. I am hardworking, detail oriented, a straight-shooter and a problem-solver. It is these qualities that make me a great real estate advocate.

GO TO RESTAURANT; Chow on Piedmont Ave. It speaks to my love of efficiency. In one swoop I can have my kids fed, drink a glass of wine, and grab a few groceries + there's parking! 

FOR FUN; I exercise outdoors, vacation in the sun, eat cheese and sleep. Though most of my "free" time these days is spent as a chef, chauffeur and referee to my children (Isaac and Georgia)-- that is fun too. 

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