Testimonials and Reviews

"We have used the Katy Team three times (twice as buyers and once as sellers) and could not be happier with their professionalism and service. The two times we purchased a home with them, I believe they were instrumental in us getting the homes.

 Mitch and Tamera


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"Simply the best, across the board. From our first phone call, to our first meeting in person, to our first house tour and then throughout the many months I had the pleasure of working with them, they were terrific."



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"Katy and Katie are approachable, incredibly responsive and have expert insight into the market. They created a unique and creative strategy without which we wouldn't have gotten a house."

Clark and Jenny


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"Katy and Katie brought expertise with an upbeat attitude to a long

selling/buying process."

Tisha and Jeff


Exclusively Represented Sellers

2018 Production

4403 Healdsburg Way, Dublin

1473 Montrose Drive, San Leandro

6511 Simson Street, Oakland

595 Dalewood Drive, Orinda

6316 Ascot Drive, Oakland 

90 Begier Avenue, San Leandro

4739 Lincoln Avenue, Oakland

29 Westminster Drive, Oakland

769 Oakes Boulevard, San Leandro

6728 Aitken Drive, Oakland

55 Fairmount Ave, #103, Oakland

9 Bigleaf Road, Orinda

1482 Northside Avenue, Berkeley

301 Toler Avenue, San Leandro

5833 Robinhood Drive, El Sobrante

650 Kenwyn Road, Oakland

5693 Merriewood Drive, Oakland

2800 Frye Street, Oakland

24065 Edloe Drive, Hayward

446 59th Street, Oakland

53 La Espiral, Orinda

1141 Addison Street, Berkeley

1778 12th Street, Oakland

1933 Hoover Avenue, Oakaland

1231 Wood Street, Oakland

5198 Saddlebrook Drive, Oakland

21859 Orange Avenue, Castro Valley

5034 Garvin Avenue, Richmond

5215 Saddle Brook Drive, Oakland

18 Chico Court, Oakland

903 Paramount Drive, Oakland

252 The Uplands, Berkeley

20 Orchard Road, Orinda